Brandon S. Hire

Mixing, Production, and Recording

Heavy Metal, Heavy Rock, and Rock
Dressed In Electric, Henodus, and project DIVIDE

About Brandon S. Hire

Brandon S. Hire is a producer and engineer who is as passionate about making records as he is about helping people hone their production skills. As the founder of the industry blog “The Noise Floor A/V” (, he’s behind the popular “Mix Minute”, “Free Plugin Friday”, “Waves Plugin Wednesday” and “Focus On Audio” web tutorials that are available for free on youtube! Brandon has also been featured as a contributor for, as well as a guest on such podcasts as “Home Recording Show” and “Inside Home Recording”.

Brandon’s followers come to him for his passion for teaching, and for his thorough explanations and myth busting. His outside the box thinking sets him apart from other mentors, and his ideas have earned him the respect of many in the audio community.