Andy Alexander

Mixing and Recording

Alternative, Ambient, Avant-garde, Folk, Post Rock, and Singer-Songwriter
Brian Siskind, Fognode, Michael Shrieve, and Sarah Siskind
Andy A

About Andy Alexander

My story begins in Nashville, snapping pictures of shows, recording in any studio that need help, managing & booking a songwriter venue and later touring in country music as a stage manager + instrument tech. Moved to New York City to finish my degree while freelancing in film/video and event production, recording and composing music at home, and working in event sales & management at a historic NYC venue. After 2 years, seized an opportunity to work multiple world tours in the music industry while based in New York. Seattle & Olympia have been home base now for a record label imprint and four more years of music industry work. Cross-trained in business, management, video, lighting, electrics, and show coordination for cutting edge music acts. I co-founded a music festival in my spare time.