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What Heights Could You Reach With a
Mix Mentor?

Imagine if you could get a personal mix critique from a Grammy award winning recording, mix or mastering engineer who has worked on countless gold, platinum and diamond albums.

Well, now you can...

How Does It Work?

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Choose Your Mentor

Pick a mix mentor from our suggested list of available Grammy-winning, platinum and diamond selling engineers.

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Upload your files once you secure placement and payment and receive a narrated video critique within 48hrs

Get Better Advice - Make Better Mixes

Making great music is a lifelong process of learning. No matter how good you get you can still learn more.

You work hard to make the mix just right… now you want some honest opinions and advice?

We’ll you now you get advice from the top engineers in the world.

Sometimes a little direction can make a mix the absolute best it can be.

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Some of Our World-Class Mentors


Darrell Thorp

Recording & Mixing


Howie Weinberg



Andrew Schepps



Joe Fitz


Ross Hogarth

Ross Hogarth

Recording & Mixing

Justin Stanley

Justin Stanley

Recording & Mixing

JAgel Headshot

Jason Agel



Richard Chycki


Mike Schuppan

Mike Schuppan

Recording & Mixing

Will Borza

Will Borza


and many more...

Unbeatable Mentor Track Record


Albums Sold

The combined sales of our who's who mentor list is off the charts 

More than

Grammy Awards and Nominations

Our award-winning roster of mentors is unbeatable.

An Incredible

Gold & Platinum Certifications

Many of our mentors have multiple Gold, Platinum and even Diamond sales certifications for their work.

Why Should I Get a Mix Critique?

Happy Engineer

A professional critique gives you the help you need to get your mix in shape.

When your mix is handed over to a client or you post it for folks to listen to, you want to sound amazing so they want to keep coming back.

Engineers understand that a professional in the recording industry will deliver a personal critique backed by years of experience.

They have a unique understanding of current market trends along with a knowledge of established or accepted mixing styles, tools and techniques.

A good ear is worth its weight in platinum so what’s stopping you?

What Do I Get?

Unlike many critique services, ours are thorough and in-depth analyses of all the major components needed in a mix.

We break down the essentials for you through narrative style video critiques.

This means your chosen engineer listens and verbally give notes recorded on video.

After just one critique, you’ll see why so many other engineers are getting so much out of the experience.

What’s great is you’ll get yours back within 48 hours so if you are on a tight schedule we are there for you.

Mike Schuppan

What Happens Next?

Once your payment and materials are processed, we'll put your critique on our calendar and email you if we have any questions. Feel free to reach out to us as well.

We only offer critiques from engineers that are available within a 7 day period, so turnaround times are quick.

As many of our engineers are in high demand, if you see an opportunity for a critique from a specific engineer you’d like to work with, we strongly suggest you submit by the advertised deadline as the engineer may not be available for days or months after.


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