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Once you’re monitoring volume is set, you’ll want to do one more boring bit of prep work. And that is setup proper gain staging of your tracks inside your DAW. Simply put, your tracks are likely to hot (i.e. too loud) and are taking up way to much headroom on your master fader. Your goal is to bring down the gain of all of your tracks so that by the time they compound at your main output pair, you have plenty of headroom on your mix buss.
Headroom in the digital world is the name of the game. If your master fader is getting close to clipping you are in trouble. Digital clipping does not sound good. This however can be easily avoided by turning down your tracks. You can either do this with the actual volume faders as I show here, or you can drop in a few trim/gain plugins and do it before the actual fader as shown here. Also, simple clip based gain on the wave forms works just as well.

When you can play your track back in see around 25% to 50% of headroom on your master fader on average, you’re in the ballpark and are ready to get to mixing.

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